All tha info about "transexualism" u can find at  T.G.I.F. TransGender Information Forum
Understanding Transsexualism & Transgenderism

"Transgenderism" is the act of altering the gender performativity associated with one biological sex, to some extent or totally, to the gender performativity of another sex.
A person can permanently adopt to another gender or adopt to it temporarily. Male to female Transgenderism includes transvestites, cross dressers, and drag queens as well as others. "Transsexualism" is the process of changing not only one's gender but also one's biological sex as well. Transsexualism is a subcategory of Transgenderism. That is: " All Transsexuals are Transgenderists but not all Transgenderists are Transsexuals."
so basically if u dont understand this
it meanz that femalez can actually be born into a malez body and a male can be born into a femalez body. How could such an atrocity be made? I ask myself that everyday.
I really dont care for this transgender
definition that society has labeled us as.  I mean those info sitez are usually written by doctors or psychologists who really have no idea what itz like for a girl to be trapped in a guyz body or a guy trapped in a gurlz body, but it doez actually happen, thatz why we go to such extremez to change our body, cuz it just wasnt meant to be, so they bring up all these labels, personally
i see myself as a heterosexual female, and if a society has a prob wit that then they can kiss my ass.
becuz this is tha real me, who i was meant to be and nothing can change that