AGE: 18
HT:  5'8
WT:  120lbs

OH YEA! did i mention im a bigass Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie fan??
Hey, ok herez where i tell everybody a lil bit about myself, and watnot, my name is SelenA, itz not legal yet but soon it will be. I'm 18, i turned 18 on September 9.  Im also a pre-op transgendered M2F, tha "What iz Tranz" part of my site will explain ALLL about that if you dont know what im talkin about.
I liv in a really smallass town in ArIzOnA so i guess it kinda sux, im doin my SR. yr in HS and i think ill graduate, well i have to cuz i wanna go2 college and stuff.  Im just trying to get some
where in life and make it as